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June 6, 2018

Ok, since some lovely people are waiting and asking, and since I did originally plan Venus`s order to the beginning of June,

please allow me to postpone this order a bit, at least until after the 14th, due to these family matters that just popped up.

I`m so sorry and will keep everyone updated about this as soon as I`m at my parents place.

If you are registered to the mailing list, I promise that you are not missing out on this order, please don`t worry <3

Lot`s of love and gratitude for those who are looking forwards!!!


June 5, 2018

OK I`ve had a bit of a crazy weekend, the result of which I`m still at home in Tokyo, and have postponed my trip to the 14th of this month!

so I`m here to get ALL of May and June girls shipped as soon as possible!

If you are on either of these orders and have not been contacted yet, you will receive and email from me within the next few days!!

talk to you soon 💕



June 1, 2018

Thank you so much again for your patience !

I`v finished sueding all  remaining May girls as well as %80 of June girls, and these will be packed, and ship in turn from next week.

I am leaving tomorrow morning, so the few girls that remain will be shipped towards end of June once I`m back, I hope for your kind understanding,

I`m really so sorry for this inconvenience .

I will contact everyone personally via email early next week to give a more exact shipping schedule to each and every girl 💕



May 29, 2018

We`ve shipped out the first part of the girls, it took us Monday as well as most of Tuesday to finish shipping.

I`m going to now write to the owners in the next couple of hours.

Also, over the last weekend, I have received some personal news regarding mother`s health .

I have thought much about how to arrange things, since I will have no choice but to leave this Saturday in order to make it before an urgent operation she is going to undergo..

My husband will stay and take care of shipping the rest of the girls for us over the corse of next month, as he is the  head of shipping under normal circumstances too 😎

I still believe we can have most if not all of the May girls shipped out early next week, as I`v scheduled in my last post.

However the only way for me to get all girls ready before I leave, would be to ship them without all the extra parts, such as shoes and jointed feet.

I hope for your kind cooperation on this, the parts are all here, so I`ll be able to ship them to you as soon as I`m back.

As for June dolls, I`m going to get them ready for shipping too, just as many as I can make before I leave.

I`ll put up regular updates, so please do not email me individually unless there is something urgent. If there is an address change, or particular shipping instructions, email me – I might not answer right away, but we are anyway not shipping again before early next week, and I`ll have plenty of time to answer next week from my parents house, and update my husband before shipping. Also we do not ship before sending you an email, so please don`t worry. Answering mails right now keeps me from the most important work of getting your girls ready, I hope you can kindly understand 💕

I`m so sorry for this great inconvenience at last minute.. Please believe getting your girls shipped with as little delay as possible is my very first objective!






May 23, 2018

News for May orders:
I have just sent out emails to most of the orders, if you`ve received a mail from me today, you already know your girl will ship out this Monday (28th).
If you have not received a mail yet, your girl will ship by the proceeding Monday (4th Of June) = > shipping order was decided according to the order in which your original order was placed

News for June orders:
Your girls have also arrived !!
I`ll keep you updated as soon as I finish shipping May orders, and expect your girls will start shipping around middle of June.

Thank you so much for your patience! everyone will all see their girls super soon now <3

May 22, 2018


Both new Orchid and Lily (as well as future faces) have small built in slits. These  allow the wig bases to ` sink ` in and fit perfectly, as to allow the hair to look like it is growing directly from the sculpt, and not look  like a `hair hat`.

this is really important for small dolls, as even a very thin wig- base will still show the jointing area between the hair and the wig-cap base.

and is the reason why I`m making this on all future faces too  🙂

BTW – these faces will still be able to wear standard size wigs, and don`t necessarily have to use these cap type wig bases, if not wished for .

EDIT: for those that want her to have a Mohawk or any other style where she has shaved sideburns: please be a little more patient with me, I will soon also have translucent and skin colored wig bases that fit to the slit and will blend with the head seam, so you will be able to make any hair style you like 😉


May 14, 2018



Now that the girls are here I`m able to answer some frequently asked questions in more detailed photos,

please see below:


1.Skin shade comparison (*looks quite exact on my monitor, but might be slight shade variation on different monitors):


2. Normal waist versus corset waist comparison :

3. Original Orchid versus New orchid face:

4. how far can the shoulder reach

May 11, 2018

Some super quick videos I took with my phone as I was testing stringing and tension.

I will add one more later showing resin color comparison 🙂



new Orchid wearing blue ballets by Ursi Sarna

I received a beautiful surprise present in the mail along with the batch of Nude ballet shoes that brilliant shoe maker Ursi Sarna has kindly made for me . A gorgeous pair of blue ballets of her creation 😍😍😍 So now that my own girl arrived with the first batch, She could finally try them on and has spent the afternoon doing some poses with them for my camera. She seems so utterly pleased!! These blue beauties, will be available to order along with several new of her designs for menagerie girls ! How lucky are we ?!! Ursi, thank you so much, we LOVE them!!!