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Now that the girls are here I`m able to answer some frequently asked questions in more detailed photos,

please see below:


1.Skin shade comparison (*looks quite exact on my monitor, but might be slight shade variation on different monitors):


2. Normal waist versus corset waist comparison :

3. Original Orchid versus New orchid face:

4. how far can the shoulder reach

May 11, 2018

Some super quick videos I took with my phone as I was testing stringing and tension.

I will add one more later showing resin color comparison 🙂



new Orchid wearing blue ballets by Ursi Sarna

I received a beautiful surprise present in the mail along with the batch of Nude ballet shoes that brilliant shoe maker Ursi Sarna has kindly made for me . A gorgeous pair of blue ballets of her creation 😍😍😍 So now that my own girl arrived with the first batch, She could finally try them on and has spent the afternoon doing some poses with them for my camera. She seems so utterly pleased!! These blue beauties, will be available to order along with several new of her designs for menagerie girls ! How lucky are we ?!! Ursi, thank you so much, we LOVE them!!!


May 7, 2018

Thank you so much for your patience!!

First batch of girls are finally here and are looking so beautiful 😍😍😍

I`ll be spending the next couple of weeks sueding and packing and shipping, so all girls will be on their way home super soon.

Please look forwards!!! 😆😆😆

May 3, 2018

Pre-orders for Venus at the beginning of June 2018 (next month) — please look forwards <3

May 2, 2018

I`ve received something so precious in the mail the other day . A batch of the most gorgeously made little ballet shoes in nude color.

These are the ones that master shoe maker Ursi Sarna @ursisarna  has so kindly agreed to produce for us 😀 😀

I could`nt begin to express what an amazing feeling it is to hold these in my hands.

such  meticulous work, true craftswomanship in any standard .

Thank you so much Ursi for so kindly agreeing to help out with this task, as I would  not be able to  imagine anyone more capable of executing these for us…💕🙏💓

…so , everyone – if you ordered nude ballets in January – your pair is HERE, and will soon be made ready to ship with your doll 😀


BTW I hear from Ursi that she has also  conjured up some new designs that she plans to unveil soon – how excited I was at this news, such an honor to have her design for our girls 😀

so if you are as excited as I am to see her new designs , stay tuned for updates on these very very soon <3





Update on pe-Order for May shipping

I`ve just received an update from the casting company. apparently stringing tiny tiny fingers on the jointed hands has been taking them longer than expected.

they have been working extra hours and will deliver the parcel to me during the first week of May.

This accounts for a one week delay from the originally planned  schedule, but  I promise that once the dolls arrive at my studio we`ll be working triple hard to narrow down the gap to have all dolls shipped on schedule .

Thank you everyone for you patience,

I`ll keep  everyone updated as soon as the girls are here!

Ahhhh!! can`t wait to receive them already!!!

To those that sent me a mail order <3

I’m so sorry I`m a little bit slow answering, because still juggling with work, but if you sent an order you are on time and will definitely be included, regardles of when I answer 😉 so please rest assured!  thank you so so much for ordering💓!!! I`m anyway answering now and so all will receive my reply by tomorrow 💕🙏💓

Below; shades that slide up-down😎😎😎

(doll is Elia, inspired by my beautiful muse @buildabrat 💕)

April 2018 pre-order mail sent out

Pre-orders will start today and the news-mail with pricing info has just been sent out. if you did not receive it, please check your spam, and if it is not there either, please contact me directly via email

you will also see the catalog is also updated with the most recent items, if there is any info you could not find there but would like to have, please feel free to mail me  about that as well 🙂

April 15, 2018

Ive put together the pre-order mail, but have some small additions and fixes, so please bare wth me one more day. It`ll be mailed tomorrow to everyone on the mailing list. So sorry to keep you waiting!

In the photo bellow Ellia <3