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May 2, 2019

Thank you for your patience!

We`ve shipped out the last of April orders this morning, and I`m now sending tracking notification emails.

May orders are next !

April orders shipping!

everyone should receive a mail from me next week with their parcel tracking number, thank you for looking forwards <3

Pre-orders end tomorrw

Only a handful of girls and boys are left for reservation at the shop!

Thank you for your orders <3

I`m back!

Back and well in Tokyo, confirming orders and answering mails!

Thank you so much for your orders and patience <3

Quick notice!

I`ll be on my way back home to Tokyo soon, my flight is tomorrow (25th of Feb) noon, and therefore I might not be able to answer mails for the next couple of days thereafter (it is a looong flight) – If I do not reply right away, you can expect my reply as soon as I’m home later in the week.

I`m sorry for this inconvenience, and hope for your understanding <3


Pre-orders ->until the end of February!

I`ve decided to keep the pre-order open at the shop until the end of February,

as photo information took me longer than first expected to put together-

this time, some more of Venus;


Pre-orders now open – until 24th of February

I`ve opened pre-orders at the shop, for the new body girls, and also the boys –

This time there is a limited number of dolls of each shade, so if you are set on a particular shade, please order early to be sure it doesn`t book out ??

those that have bought the posing body (either girls or boys) in a previous order you are eligible for a discount on new orders, so please contact me first for a coupon code before ordering at the shop  – thank you so much every time ???

Orchid by @Monbesse & @Oli.krolik

A gorgeous photo production-

Styling and photography by @Monbesse & paint work by  @Oli.krolik – on instagram

Wow they did such beautiful work!!! ???

February 9, 2019

January dolls *boys and girls, have almost finished shipping, I believe the remainder will all be on their way next week .

I`m so sorry again for the delay ?

BTW we will start a new pre-order next week – mostly for girls, but I also have a few extra boys available.

Please look forwards 😀


Boys are shipping!

Thank you for your patience –

As it is now, all January boys are being shipped. (Some already in shipment, and the rest are already packed and waiting for their shipment )

There has been a slight delay, as I have had to go abroad for an operation (it is not very serious, but it was rather sudden and urgent, however after it I`ll be back to health and back to working on the dolls 🙂 )

I have finished preparing all the boys before I left, and my husband is now in charge of shipping them each boy in turn, and I will be contacting everyone with the tracking numbers as the boys are being shipped.

I hope for your understanding, and please look forwards as they should all be on their way within the coming week – so everyone will be updated very soon.