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November 30, 2013

I`ve finished putting up my installation at Bunkamura Gallery yesterday Afternoon, and the opening is from today (30th).
Details on my HP Blog;


November 26, 2013

I`ve fixed the display for `Rose` earlier today at Span Art Gallery, (the opening is the 28th)

今日、銀座のスパンアートギャラリーに【ローズ】をディスプレイしてきました。 11/28 (木)~12/11 (水)まで御覧頂けますので、お時間のある方は、どうぞ、足を運んでみて下さい。

*11:00~19:00 (最終日17:00まで)(12/8(日)  のみ休館)

沢山の人が見に来てくれると嬉しく思います。 宜しくお願い致します。rose1 rose2


November 24, 2013


Two resin dolls I`ll be exhibiting next week at Span Art and Bunkamura galleries in Tokyo.




marry&rose marry&roseRose





11/28(木)~ 12/11(水) 銀座SPAN ART Gallery

11/30(土)~ 12/11(水)澁谷Bunkamura Gallery


I`ll be participating in a group exhibition at the end of this month, showing in both Span Art Gallery and Bunkamura in Tokyo.
If you happen to be in town at the time, come take a look – some of my personal favorite artists are showing, so I`m looking forwards to it myself :)

28/11~11/12 at SPAN ART, 30/11~11/12 at Bunkamura.


Pink Dentelle piece

This delicate lace chest piece is one part I`ve been dreaming of making ever since I started with the resin line,

but is so detailed and fragile that it was difficult to get nice casting results with.

But now, finally, after many testing and the good help of my brilliant casting team, we could make it work!

Each and every cast piece will still require much labor to reach perfection, and also

will only be available in limited quantities due to mold wear and tear, but the result is just so worth it in my eyes <3


Pink Dentelle like RESIN (modeled by `Milk`) :)
Pink Dentelle


(showing with `Milk` faceplate)

Pink Dentelle


Dentelle (Basic)


Since recently I`ve been experimenting with various sculptural and detailed parts for Dentelle  - ( I`m blessed with a wonderful casting team that are becoming masters at casting these details) – I thought it would be fun to actually have a simpler version Dentelle that would fit all the more detailed parts.

This way Dentelle can take on many forms, but can also go back to her more natural look when she just wants to feel at home :)

Also I`ve been getting mails over the past months from people that loved the limited versions Ghzel and Little Rose, painted `Total Look` Versions of last year`s, more basic version Dentelle.  I also really loved the fact that the cleaner look allowed a great freedom for painting.

So… I`ve created `Basic Dentelle` –  She is the cutest little thing –  AND I`m already thinking up some wonderful total look options for her.

Dentelle (Basic)






Little Teacup is now on her way to Alexi Era Gallery, hopefully in time for their opening.

She has a New Dentelle Body base, and wearing the new `Rocaille` Corset part and heel feet,

However the chest part is a one of  free sculpted part.

Basically I`m having loads of fun now playing around, changing parts on the Ornate body.

I love the fact that resin allows such a free-hand at changing parts – gets me all thinking about new wonderful options, and how wonderful it would be to mix between them to make even more imaginative and personalized creations.

By the way, I`ve been very awful, neglecting my mailbox over the last week – I`ve been working like mad to get this girl shipped in time – But I`ll be replying from today, so sorry to keep everyone waiting – - -there is quite a build up, but I`m replying everyone, I promise, you`ll get a reply very soon <3




New Faces and some news

In case you have been wondering about the faceplate New Dentelle is wearing in the photo showing the new corset part, in my previous post,

it was actually a little teaser for a new faceplate I just finished casting – was a little sleep deprived yesterday, and totally forgot to mention this :3

But her name is Una, and I`ll be introducing her below.

While preparing to paint her today, not only was I anxious to see her in colour, but also keen to test the new pair of blank resin eyes I cast along with her – I was thinking to use them as a paintable eye option for resin Angel Egg dolls.

Now I`ve been debating many times about perusing painted eyes or or glass eyes when I just started making dolls.

I love the idea of painting eyes, since it allows complete control over the emotions the doll conveys through them ( which works perfectly with my control freak nature), but I also love the mystique glass eyes allow – how the expression seems to change with the light and angle, that allows a greater diversity of emotions.

So anyway, I was thinking that if painting eyes on resin would look nice (I only ever painted porcelain eyes before), it would be great to have both options – so I`ve been experimenting on `Milk` (introduced earlier this year) and the new faceplate `Una`.

So anyway you can now see the result below, what do you think? like a painted eye option for Angel Eggs? (By the way I`m completely crazy about how Una came out, regardless)




Also re-painting Milk made fall for her all over again <3

I`ve actually been receiving mails about Milk with her Dentelle body over the last months, apparently many people are not so well aware I have a waiting list going on for her.  I`m still not sure how  to schedule her, but she will definitely be casting somewhere at the beginning of next year.

What this means is that you can contact me with  `Milk waiting list` in your mail header, and I will add you to the list by number (so if you are already on the list, you will be receiving  the first numbers).


One more bit of news, I`ve received news from the casting team that we are in good timing, as far as casing is concerned –  so this means that I will be able to re-open orders for the Natural body. Faceplates available to choose from will be Ilai, Dentelle, Classic Noi, New face Una and also Milk .

BTW I also have some part updates for the Natural body, so look out for that tomorrow.


So to sum up this post;

1.  For those interested in going on a waiting list for Milk with her Dentelle type body write in with `Milk waiting list` in your Mail header.

2. For those interested in the Natural Body - Orders will open this week! so look out for that.


Have a wonderful weekend :)





New parts for Resin cast Angel Egg dolls

Those following my posts about working with resin substance as appose to porcelain, would know how much I was dreaming of being able to translate my delicate filigree style designs (previously only possible to hand sculpt in porcelain) into cast resin - after many trials, finally a full fledged Rococo style filigree corset/stomach part for resin cast Angel Egg dolls is now available!

This part will fit ALL Angel Egg dolls, however will only be cast in AE Natural White.

I plan to have this part available to order separately at the shop, in the next couple of days (as well as the new ornate high heel feet),

but until all parts are online, it`s possible to order by sending me an email (please state `order` in the  title)





Filigree Corset for AE Dentelle




October 13, 2013

Classic Noi faceplate with the `carousel` total look

Noi Face Carousel


Dentelle facelate with a `Naural` Faceup

Natural faceup for Dentelle

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