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October 9, 2018

As I`ve mentioned in my former post, the girls of the April-June order are here, and BTW also the first boy sample!

Here they are in White skin, but In a month or so I`ll be able to show him also in Light skin and Tan.

The girls will be ready for shipping to everyone within a week – I`ll contact everyone  in turn with the tracking details before they are shipped.

One last thing – many people from January order still have not received the replacement magnet covers, but these have also arrived now, finally – so I`ll be also shipping these parts in the next week or so – I have not forgotten, and I`m really sorry they took this long to arrive!






October 4, 2018 – Dolls for orders placed in April-June finally arrived!

Thank you again so much for your patience!

After almost 3 weeks in customs they are finally here – -they all look so relieved to finally be here, and they are oh so beautiful!

Japanese customs are usually really OK, and never keep my dolls longer than a couple of days, I was told there were apparently some delays and irregularities over the typhoons that hit us lately.

We will be working double to have these girls ready for shipping as soon as possible,

will be in touch very soon!!


October 1, 2018

Hi Everyone,

this is a message regarding all orders from April – June;

The dolls are produced, however our final stage of production is abroad, and thought they have already been shipped back to us,  they are now in the hands of the Japanese customs and have been so for several weeks now… !-

I`m doing my best on my end to receive them back as soon as possible –

I`ll update here again as soon as they are finally in my hands –

I`m so sorry for keeping you all waiting!!!! 🙏🙏🙏


Already missing Venus

Now that he`s gone, I can`t wait to see him come back from casting in his beautiful skin shades…


Pre-orders for `Venus as a Boy` now closed

 Thank you for all orders ❤<

`Venus as a Boy` Pre-orders ending today

Thank you for truly for all orders, and for the great response!!
All thanks to you, we`ve received more than enough orders to start casting,  so I`ve decide to end the pre-order today, so we can get to work 🙂

Although the face-up slots are now gone,
Last blank doll orders can be placed via email until tonight (Sunday 26th) 22pm Tokyo time💕

Venus Boy pre-order officially started!

I`ve sent out the pre-order info mail earlier today, and pre-orders for my 42cm doll have officially begun.

If you have not subscribed to the mailing list in time, and would like to still receive the info mail, I`ll send out another pre-order reminder mail on Friday,

so if you subscribe now you will be in time to receive it.

If you were subscribed but for some reason did not receive the info mail, please email me, and I`ll resend it to you 🙂



Pre-order mail delayed!

Hi Everyone,

I`m so sorry to get everyone one high alert last weekend, but I realized I still wanted still more time for extra detailing Venuses face..!

I hope you will all agree it was worth the extra time- the most updated photo is the one just below.

I`m now finishing up the mail, and lt`ll be sent out in a few hours time (I`ll post again after the mail I sent out , so everyone can make sure they have indeed received the info)

I hope for your kind understanding,

please look forwards


Eli 🙏💕 .


Venus pre-order will finally start this weekend!

New and updated photos of  my 42cm tall boy are uploaded to the boy `posing Body` section of the catalog, so you are welcome to check it out – he is now even more flexible 😀

I will send out pre-order info via a mailing list tomorrow , please look out for it 🙏💕

if you haven`t registered the mailing list, you can still do so now !

Lily and n.Orchid by  @hendrawmakeup

Incredible faceups  by top make up artist @hendrawmakeup 😍😱🙏
I LOVE how “real” he could make these girls, and I could learn many things watching his master techniques. A true professional at painting dolls as well as humans 🎨💄🤩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Hendra, thank you for sharing with us your great talent 🙏🙏🙏

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