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Pre Orders open this weekend!


October 2nd (Evening-Japan time)~October 3rd(Evening-Japan time)

Face-up option is available for first orders only, very limited slots available.

Shipping of the dolls will be in February 2022

Payment via pay pal/ Credit card/ bank transfer

Available bodies: Natural posing girl, Natural EXTRA posing girl, Mix Gen posing boy

Available faces in blank form have been updated in the shop, and so has the new optional jointed Natural body.

Recently an unboxing video of the Mix Gen boy Earth gasp has been published on Youtube :

>(28) BJD Unboxing – Doll Menagerie Marmite Sue Earth Gasp Boy – ball jointed doll – Blank Fashion Doll – YouTube<

by Annyeong BJD.

I recommend checking it out, if you`d like to get a feel for the dolls, and their packaging 🙂

We will be sending out a pre-order mail with all info tomorrow, for ordering the dolls, if interested, you may register to the mailing list to receive this information.






Pre-order closing up!

We are closing up – please send last orders as soon as possible to our email:

(accepting both boy and girl orders)

Please remember to send me:

  1. your order (face, body, skin type)
  2. you country for shipping
  3. you pay pal address


will get back to you soon!

Thank you!

Pre-order this weekend! (13/02/21)

<== If interested in joining the pre-order – remember to join the mailing list for receiving the pre-order mail!


Closing order!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful people that ordered,

and for your great reprocess <3

Just closing up now! 🙌 (though we will continue publishing face photos through the month)

Next please look forward the boy preorder coming next 😉



Pre-order now open until tomorrow night! (7-8th November)

the Pre-order info letter has just been sent out to the mailing list!

Haven`t received it? please check your spam. or send me an email with your order:


Some play time with Menagerie Slim girl (more videos on the shop page):

(20.10.2020) Pre-orders soon!

We are finally ready for a regular resin pre-order now, and so the website will be getting updated as well over the next couple of weeks with allot of new preorder information

*new body and new faces, all online very soon… now I`m getting excited! 😀




Production back on track!

great news, we are now able to produce resin dolls again in limited quantities –

please send me an email directly to place your order –

I`m accepting only a limited amount of orders at this time, so please write in soon to take part in the first batch produced <3



5 Years ago, my father (who is a cheif chemist) and I, developed a new material that has some very exciting properties,

for the most part, this material is the best of both Ceramic and Resin worlds, strong and stable like ceramic but has greater impact resiliency.

Since then I`ve been able to develop this material further, for even greater impact resiliency, and due to these properties as well as it`s beauty in my eyes,

I`ve been waiting for an opportunity to launch a moonglass line again…. and though I was not planning for this COVID-19 situation at our doorstep, this looks like a great  opportunity to finally launch this casting option for our Menagerie dolls 😀

Some properties of moonglass:

1. Beautifully translucent, with a milky glass like or resin like look:

I`m now working on dyeing it as close as possible to my resin doll shades,  and since the translucency and look is so similar –  I was surprised how almost seamlessly it could fit with our current resin dolls, when attaching a moonglass head on a resin body.

2. Cold, hard, heavy and ceramic like to the touch

3. Impact resilient – now a much greater impact resistance than porcelain, and perhaps as much or almost as much as resin.

dolls can be played with to our heart`s content 😀

4. Negligible shrinkage – the dolls will be the same size as my resin dolls, and will be able to wear all the clothes and the accessories of  the resin dolls.

5. Archival properties – Moonglass should not yellow or change color over time:

according to our tests and exposure to continues UV light, we could finds no yellowing over prolonged exposure.

6. Can be painted in a semi permanent style just like resin, with the same techniques after giving it a base priming coat, and then, change the faceup later on, or

7. can be painted permanently with a substrate that will bond chemically to the doll and will not fade (I am so excited about this!)


I`m now working on making the first sample doll, and will publish further information on this blog in the next weeks, leading to a new pre-order of both male and female bodies and all current and new heads, to be cast in moonglass 😀

If you want to be updated about this new pre-order, you can subscribe to our mailing list here:





Attention please: Regarding the New Pre-order

for the past week, and over the weekend I have advertised  over social media a new pre-order was to open.

I was planning to send out a pre-order mail to our mailing list over the last weekend, as I usually do for  accepting your orders.

However, due to some developments in the news over the weekend, and uncertainties rising from the issue of the corona virus here in Japan, we`ve began seriously debating regarding whether business will be able to continue working normally as (we are still doing now), long enough and without interuption, to allow us to complete the casting work and delivering dolls to you in a you in a fixed schedule time.

We tried to think of a way to continue casting even in the case of a lock down here in Japan, but the bottom line is,  that it seems there are just too many question marks right now, for me to feel confident for to take your resin doll orders.


So instead we are now thinking of a different strategy to deliver dolls to people waiting.

We now thinking of opening orders again for Menagerie dolls in ceramic material instead:

ie. porcelain or  *moonglass, as such dolls can be produced entirely in house, and we can therefore deliver them without any delay even in case of lock-down.

(Moonglass is a ceramic we have developed that has very beautiful translucency, and greater strength – unlike resin, it is archival and will not yellow or change colour over time, therefore can be considered heirloom material.)

I am now re-writing the mail and will update the mailing list subscribers about our plans , in the next few days.


Thank you for your cooperation/ understanding in advance <3









Back on tack!

For a while now I was wanting to say thank you to so many wonderful people all around, really thank you for the kindest understanding and support that so many of you have shown me during the last months since my mother’s Death .
I must be the luckiest doll maker, to have such understanding and patient clients- You have given me the strength to pull back together and get work on track. I would not have been able to do so without you-. thank you so much, and I promise I do not take your kindness for granted!
We are back in Japan since last month, and I finally have new updates I plan share with you here very soon ??





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