Menagerie `Natural` Posing Body


The Posing `Natural` body is a 39 cm tall.

She is compatible with all menagerie faces.
She can be ordered complete as is, or with optional ornamental body parts.

She includes:

– Jointed hands: 8 finger joints per hand

– Jointed feet (nude heel not included): fits all Menagerie shoes

– Ballet feet: fits all Ballet and extreme heel shoes

(Changing between jointed feet and Ballet feet is via standard hook system.)

– 1 pair 7mm custom made  glass eyes (6mm fit well too!)

* Optional – corset waist part

Available skin tones: White, Light skin and Tan + (!)New skin `Ebony`



*normal waist or  corset waist part option

*possibility to fit nude heels to both feet types (heels are removable and will therefore also fit shoes)

*Jointed hands for full range of expression (8 finger joints per hand)







Gorgeous photos with full makeup and styling by human Make-up artist Hendra on Instagram @hendraemakeup

Unboxing photos by Matahata on flickr  (check out her wonderful face up work, she`s super talented!)]


Geat Unboxing Video Reviews below by Erica, on Youtube