Angel Egg doll (resin)

I`ve been planning to post all heads and body photos together once I have them -
however working with resin is a new challenge for me, and so will still take a few more days, before I can publish all.
But since I know you are all anxious to see them ready (just as I am), I`ve decided not to keep you in too much suspense, and will reveille the faces fresh as I finish them, so you can get to know the girls as soon as they are born:
this evening I could finish the face-up on Noi and Mai, so here are the first photos from them. I still have 3 more faces for the first batch of resin dolls, and will be able to revile them very soon as well.
Painting faceups for a resin face doll is an entirely new experience to me – I`ve zero experience with with material, so it`s taking quite a bit of getting used too.
On the other hand, a face up in porcelain will take me days if not weeks, a resin faceup is all finished in a few hours – and even though it`s impossible achieve the beautiful china paint patina effect I love in porcelain doll`s painting, the resin is still a very nice canvas to work with, and being so fast, it’s great for new experiments.
Now while the faceups are a new experience, the resin body is an altogether new challenge. It will still take me a while to get the spring pressure perfect (resin is a very different material with a different weight and different grip) so I will still have assembly adjustment work to do in the next few days.
Well that`s that about resin and such, I`ll get on with the next few bits of news:
About pre-orders -
I will be able to start accepting them next week – as soon as all of the face and body photos and information is reviled.
I will accept them until the middle of next month, unless they are booked out before -
(I`m planning on accepting only 15 doll orders for the first batch).
I will also update soon with the skin tones available for casting as well as other custom ordering options.
And – - I know you`ve also been waiting to hear about the resin AEdoll giveaway contest!
I`ll follow up with a new post on that, so this one doesn`t become a mess of things
- so stay tuned ~

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  1. Eilinor says:

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    WoW! they are so cute! and your make up it’s really good.
    I can’t wait to see more photo of the resind edition! You did a very wonderfull work!

  2. Bella says:

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    Oh my god!!!! I just got back from my trip to Dresden and come home to see these beauties!!!!! I’m so in love with the resin version of Noi I think I’ll never be able to look away~ I’m looking forward so much to seeing more faces and the body…Thank you for sharing your progress with us and I’m also anxious for more news on my own resin angel ♥

  3. Lau-e says:

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    they’re so beautiful *-* can’t wait to see the other face ups <3

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