December 28, 2021

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, December preorder arrived a little late from casting, and we are working trough the holidays to get them shipped to you as soon as possible, (this is a relatively large order so please kindly be patient with us just a little longer🙏) 
We are a also opening a new preorder on New Year’s Day- first preorder of the year, and one that will offer two shipping dates- one for a limited amount of dolls that will ship to their homes as soon as Match 2022, and the rest that will have a later shipping date, probably towards June- July.
I was debating about the preorder date, but found that in order to be able to keep the shorter shipping date, the preorder will have to be conducted no later than new year- so in order to accommodate those who have plans for this period, I stretched it on a 3 day period (unless sold out sooner)
As usual, the preorders will first be available to people on the waiting list ( registration via the link in the top left had side of this page)

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