December 24, 2021

Happy end of year  everyone!
The first 50 for December shipping, though little tardy, are finally here, and looking eager to be shipped to their new homes ❤️
We will be working doubly fast to get them shipping to you, so please kindly have just a little bit more patience with us, as they will be on their way to you shortly, I’m so sorry to have keep you waiting🙏🥰
Another such batch will arrive next month, and another after that, for the February- March orders. so there will be allot of shipping going on in the next 3 months.
For those waiting for their painting orders, for this year, they are ready, and I’ll be in touch soon about them. 
-Also, Pre-order news!  I’m going to arrange another preorder for next weekI I know timing is a little strange just between Christmas and New Years, but if we can catch this casting slot, I’ll be able to have the orders flow better next year, with less waiting time for us. So for those writing to me asking about a new preorder, stay tuned for it, I’ll send another preorder announcement to the mailing list, so you can subscribe to the mailing list from the link on the left hand of the screen, to be sure you are notified. 
Last thing- For those interested in full set dolls, I have had little time for it this year, but it’ll be my main focus for next year,  also hopefully ones that can be purchased right away without having to wait the preordering period. Though this will still take a little time, so the fastest way to get them right now, is still preordering. I always find it  really tricky to offer such dolls, as the preorder usually take up our full casting capacity.. 
Thanks so much for your support this year! Have a wonderful festive season ❄️ ⛄️

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