Manikins Now Available!

(…Finally in on our Shapways shop!)

*Attention; Material in photo is a prototype, and not the final material

*Attention; Material in photo is a prototype, and not the final material


It’s been a bit of a project, but finally, Manikins for all new and old bodies, are now at the shop, and available to order
— only please notice:
I do not yet have a final material sample to show you ( though I think many of you are already familiar with Shapeways  white or black  versatile plastic- it’s the same as used for most of the accessories already in the shop) 
The parcel with the sample I’ve ordered is delayed somewhere in Europe right now… and we’re trying to track it down
I made the parts available, because they are ready and proofed, so I didn’t want to delay any longer- and I know some of you were already waiting long enough for them. 
If you are unfamiliar with Shapeways materials ( the manikins in the photo are samples I printed with my personal printer, not in the final material) the material is an opaque textured plastic in black or white, with a Matt somewhat rough texture, that looks a bit velvety.
Thank you for your patience guys <3



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