5 Years ago, my father (who is a cheif chemist) and I, developed a new material that has some very exciting properties,

for the most part, this material is the best of both Ceramic and Resin worlds, strong and stable like ceramic but has greater impact resiliency.

Since then I`ve been able to develop this material further, for even greater impact resiliency, and due to these properties as well as it`s beauty in my eyes,

I`ve been waiting for an opportunity to launch a moonglass line again…. and though I was not planning for this COVID-19 situation at our doorstep, this looks like a great  opportunity to finally launch this casting option for our Menagerie dolls 😀

Some properties of moonglass:

1. Beautifully translucent, with a milky glass like or resin like look:

I`m now working on dyeing it as close as possible to my resin doll shades,  and since the translucency and look is so similar –  I was surprised how almost seamlessly it could fit with our current resin dolls, when attaching a moonglass head on a resin body.

2. Cold, hard, heavy and ceramic like to the touch

3. Impact resilient – now a much greater impact resistance than porcelain, and perhaps as much or almost as much as resin.

dolls can be played with to our heart`s content 😀

4. Negligible shrinkage – the dolls will be the same size as my resin dolls, and will be able to wear all the clothes and the accessories of  the resin dolls.

5. Archival properties – Moonglass should not yellow or change color over time:

according to our tests and exposure to continues UV light, we could finds no yellowing over prolonged exposure.

6. Can be painted in a semi permanent style just like resin, with the same techniques after giving it a base priming coat, and then, change the faceup later on, or

7. can be painted permanently with a substrate that will bond chemically to the doll and will not fade (I am so excited about this!)


I`m now working on making the first sample doll, and will publish further information on this blog in the next weeks, leading to a new pre-order of both male and female bodies and all current and new heads, to be cast in moonglass 😀

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