Attention please: Regarding the New Pre-order

for the past week, and over the weekend I have advertised  over social media a new pre-order was to open.

I was planning to send out a pre-order mail to our mailing list over the last weekend, as I usually do for  accepting your orders.

However, due to some developments in the news over the weekend, and uncertainties rising from the issue of the corona virus here in Japan, we`ve began seriously debating regarding whether business will be able to continue working normally as (we are still doing now), long enough and without interuption, to allow us to complete the casting work and delivering dolls to you in a you in a fixed schedule time.

We tried to think of a way to continue casting even in the case of a lock down here in Japan, but the bottom line is,  that it seems there are just too many question marks right now, for me to feel confident for to take your resin doll orders.


So instead we are now thinking of a different strategy to deliver dolls to people waiting.

We now thinking of opening orders again for Menagerie dolls in ceramic material instead:

ie. porcelain or  *moonglass, as such dolls can be produced entirely in house, and we can therefore deliver them without any delay even in case of lock-down.

(Moonglass is a ceramic we have developed that has very beautiful translucency, and greater strength – unlike resin, it is archival and will not yellow or change colour over time, therefore can be considered heirloom material.)

I am now re-writing the mail and will update the mailing list subscribers about our plans , in the next few days.


Thank you for your cooperation/ understanding in advance <3









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