December dolls update – (and new dolls available for sale)

My mom passed away recently, it was the best thing for her after her long 14 year battle with cancer.
Normally in December I try to ship orders earlier in order to have them arrive in time for Christmas, and I’m so sorry as I don’t think I will manage to ship all in time for it this year, but they should still all ship during December, as originally promised.
As for painted dolls, painting is taking a bit of time, as the spray sealer I’ve tried to take with me home was confiscated before boarding the plane… but I do still have a package of these spray cans shipping via the sea mail service though, ( airmail will not ship spray cans) and will start work once it arrives –
Again I’m so sorry for the delay… I’m truly grateful for all the kind understanding I have been receiving from many of you wonderful folk ??

By the way, while I am at my parents house, shipping the December dolls, my husband helped me out, by updating the shop with new dolls for ordering, boys, girls, faces, that will all ship this February.

as well as some new accessories, (mostly shoes) for 2nd Generation girls and boys, now available to order from our Shapeways shop:



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