November 25, 2019

This is a quick update post regarding current orders in transit as well as coming December orders – Last month I received some very unsettling news of my mother’s health, that made it clear to me that I should be home with her as soon as possible.
I did my best to tie all the ends while in Tokyo and finish shipping the dolls myself as soon as possible, while arranging next months dolls too, so I can take them with me. My husband stayed behind to take care of the last October dolls, and they have all been shipped to-date, and have either been received or are now in transit.

I landed in Israel 10 days ago, and am now at my parents house.

Since most of December dolls are with me here, as well as tools etc. and will be able to arrange them for shipping to you from here, aiming for as little as possible delay for those orders– I could not finish the Psainting orders for November, but will take care of those ASAP.

the main problem would be the boxes, but we have a plan to take care of those (almost 40 boxes take too much space for air plain luggage ?)
All I can say is just how grateful I am for how kind and patient you have all been with me for this , without even knowing the reason- you are truly the best people ever ??I will keep you all posted about the shipping in the next few weeks??

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