2nd Generation Samples are here!

This is a quick post to say I had to go out of town for couple of days, but I’m back now, so I should be able finish painting the sample faces , update the shop and answer emails I’ve been receiving in the next few days.
Answering a question I am asked often regarding accessories for the 1st Generation dolls: yes I will continue making and accepting orders for them, absolutely! For shoes, I recommend upgrading the feet- the new generation feet fit both the 1st gen bodies, and this way they will fit the new shoes too.
All the new faces (boy and girl) fit 1st Generation bodies as well, and we do accept floating face orders when possible . .
Also since people have been asking about a new order, I’m now thinking of putting together an extra mini batch order, for shipping around December. .
Now I’m off to finally finish painting these beauties ?

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