Pre-orders next weekend!

I`m sorry to keep everyone waiting, but finally after some last minute re-arrangements and additions, the pre-order is ready, and will take place the coming weekend 15/06 (Sat) until the 16/06 (Sun).

I`ve already updated the basic details for the girl body and faces at the shop, and will update the boy details later tonight – to be honest I`m SUPER excited about this order, as both bodies have been entirely reworked, after a breakthrough with engendering the efficiency of the hip joint – this renovation boosts both the stability and the movement range even further. I` m personally looking forwards to both of the new bodies to be cast. I have a feeling that I`ll find it difficult to improve on these –  and I` m expecting they will be the standard Menagerie bodies for a while 😀

So mark the dates; 15/06 (Sat) until the 16/06 (Sun)

I`ll send an email to the mailing list on Friday (14th) to remind about the order, so if you don` t want to miss it you can sign up to our mailing list 🙂

See you soon!!!

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