Happy New Year 2019!

And boys are HERE! yay!!!

We`ll probably have the best non-hoiday ever, getting these boys ready for shipping to you throughout new year, and rest of January – –   and I cannot wait!

2018 has been a bit crazy for me, having to split my time between working on promised commissions as well as supervising production of the  Natural posing girl and boy.

This year however I`ll  be taking no more commission work, and with that, clearing my schedule for focusing solely on the resin Posing Body line in terms of new faces, wigs, accessories ,clothes..

…and I am so so soooooo excited about it!

I do so  hope you will be excited about it too 🙏💕

Thank you so much everyone for your amazing support over the  last year!

Thinking back of all you kind comments about my dolls, fills me with great new strengths – I must go ahead and try my utmost to surprise you with my best work yet!

A big hug!!!



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