Shop is back~!

We were off to a rocky start, but the shop is now back and working!

Thank you to those that have been registering-

I`m so sorry, due to reconfiguration of the site, some of you that kindly took the time to register more recently, may find that you will have to register yet again, in order to login.. I hope for you kind understanding 🙏🙏🙏💕


Like I`v mentioned before – there is a new update for the girl body! her torso is now 4 parts, for super beautiful and fluid movement. You can check out the new prototype photos in her order page.


Dolls on current castings will be ready for April 2019, as it is now – Please kindly understand there are only  a limited amount of orders I can accept right now, and an even more limited amount of face-up slots.

Also there are only a limited amount of products right now on sale, simply due to time – I will be adding more products such as wigs and shoes as my schedule frees up.


This shop is a new experience for me – I very much hope you find it informative and easy enough to use but

please kindly let me know if you experience any kind of problems at all🙏

A big hug, and thank you for your continues support!!


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