Shop now Open !

I`ve opened the shop this morning, so people that have been kindly waiting, will be able to register and place their orders for the new casting.

Please see the shop is still being tested, and will continue being so over the course of the next week.

So let me know if you are having any kind of trouble with it.


BTW  there is a new update for the girl body! her torso is now 4 parts, for super beautiful and fluid movement. You can check out the new prototype photos in her order page.


Dolls on current castings will be ready for April next year, as it is now – Please kindly understand there are only  a limited amount of orders I can accept right now, and an even more limited amount of face-up slots.

Also there are only a limited amount of products right now on sale, simply due to time – I will be adding more products such as wigs and shoes as my schedule frees up.

Yes wigs are very much on the horizon! I have a ton of ideas, not to mention ready designs for wigs, shoes clothes and accessories –  and itching to get those published, but in the meantime, I`m having at least the wig caps available to order so you guys can start making your own wigs, while I get things arranged here.

A big thank you hug from me for all your kind support!!!



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