June 26, 2018

More FAQ :

I have joind the mailing list , when is the next pre-order?:

  • Thank you so much for your interest, and for listing up!! 💕  until now I only received limited amount of orders at designated times of the year, at which I send out a newsletter with info on placing an order – However things are changing now and I`m working on a new website and simpler ordering system, though this can still take a couple of months to complete. As for now – If you would like to receive the pricing info, or place an order sooner, you are welcome to email me (right now girl posing body orders only please)💕


What if I don`t want to use magnetic Nude heels for my menagerie doll`s feet at all, and rather have natural feet with no insert?

  • Let me know via email! I`ll be happy to replace your feet with natural feet instead 💕


I love the jointed hands but also want non jointed hands!

  • Please look forwards, I will soon have such hands available to order ! 🙂


What is Joint glue? how do I use it?

  • The glue is just an extra for you to use in case that the lining peals off after rough play, you can use it to touch it up, or replace it. I will probably do a tutorial about lining joints at some point in the future, but you can always contact me about that if you ever need help 😊


How do I change the feet?

  • Changing the feet: The feet are connected with tiny hooks to the Elastic band that keeps the body together. In order to change feet, pull the foot away from the ball joint, until you see the connecting hook and elastic. stick a pointy object inside the Elastic loop now showing, to keep it from pulling back in to the joint (in the photo attached I used a toothpick to make it easy to understand in the photo, but since it is a very thin object it might brake under the pressure of the elastic, so I recommend a  chopstick or pencil that will not brake). Now that it is secure in place, unhook the foot and hook in the replacement. Once the new foot is hooked in place,  its safe to remove the pointy object, and the foot will naturally pull back in=> replacement done!


What`s up with Venus pre-order?

  • Due to personal family matters,I had to take this month (June) off, so there is a delay  – I`m now planing to start it as soon as next month! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding💕


PS. I will be gathering all FAQ&A to a permanent page I`ll add to this blog.


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