June 15, 2018


I was recently referred to wonderful un-boxing/reviews of the Menagerie Natural Posing girl made by Erica and Natalia.

I thought it was so great of them to take time to publish and help other people have a better understanding and feel for these girls 🙂

I contacted them each and asked if they would agree that I link to it on my blog, so more people will be able to see it and be further informed, and happily for us, they very kindly agreed.

Thank you so much Erica, Natalia!! 💕🙏

BTW If you also own a Menagerie doll and would like to help other people by sharing your personal opinion and experience with your girl, let me know and I will be happy to link to it as well – no matter what the format is, as long as it is informative, it`ll surely be helpful🙏

Erica`s Youtube review:

Natalia`s photos on Flickr: (by the way,I recommend taking time to also check out Natalia`s gorgeous face-up art on her page, while you are at it )


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