May 29, 2018

We`ve shipped out the first part of the girls, it took us Monday as well as most of Tuesday to finish shipping.

I`m going to now write to the owners in the next couple of hours.

Also, over the last weekend, I have received some personal news regarding mother`s health .

I have thought much about how to arrange things, since I will have no choice but to leave this Saturday in order to make it before an urgent operation she is going to undergo..

My husband will stay and take care of shipping the rest of the girls for us over the corse of next month, as he is the  head of shipping under normal circumstances too 😎

I still believe we can have most if not all of the May girls shipped out early next week, as I`v scheduled in my last post.

However the only way for me to get all girls ready before I leave, would be to ship them without all the extra parts, such as shoes and jointed feet.

I hope for your kind cooperation on this, the parts are all here, so I`ll be able to ship them to you as soon as I`m back.

As for June dolls, I`m going to get them ready for shipping too, just as many as I can make before I leave.

I`ll put up regular updates, so please do not email me individually unless there is something urgent. If there is an address change, or particular shipping instructions, email me – I might not answer right away, but we are anyway not shipping again before early next week, and I`ll have plenty of time to answer next week from my parents house, and update my husband before shipping. Also we do not ship before sending you an email, so please don`t worry. Answering mails right now keeps me from the most important work of getting your girls ready, I hope you can kindly understand 💕

I`m so sorry for this great inconvenience at last minute.. Please believe getting your girls shipped with as little delay as possible is my very first objective!






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