May 22, 2018


Both new Orchid and Lily (as well as future faces) have small built in slits. These  allow the wig bases to ` sink ` in and fit perfectly, as to allow the hair to look like it is growing directly from the sculpt, and not look  like a `hair hat`.

this is really important for small dolls, as even a very thin wig- base will still show the jointing area between the hair and the wig-cap base.

and is the reason why I`m making this on all future faces too  🙂

BTW – these faces will still be able to wear standard size wigs, and don`t necessarily have to use these cap type wig bases, if not wished for .

EDIT: for those that want her to have a Mohawk or any other style where she has shaved sideburns: please be a little more patient with me, I will soon also have translucent and skin colored wig bases that fit to the slit and will blend with the head seam, so you will be able to make any hair style you like 😉


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