May 2, 2018

I`ve received something so precious in the mail the other day . A batch of the most gorgeously made little ballet shoes in nude color.

These are the ones that master shoe maker Ursi Sarna @ursisarna  has so kindly agreed to produce for us 😀 😀

I could`nt begin to express what an amazing feeling it is to hold these in my hands.

such  meticulous work, true craftswomanship in any standard .

Thank you so much Ursi for so kindly agreeing to help out with this task, as I would  not be able to  imagine anyone more capable of executing these for us…💕🙏💓

…so , everyone – if you ordered nude ballets in January – your pair is HERE, and will soon be made ready to ship with your doll 😀


BTW I hear from Ursi that she has also  conjured up some new designs that she plans to unveil soon – how excited I was at this news, such an honor to have her design for our girls 😀

so if you are as excited as I am to see her new designs , stay tuned for updates on these very very soon <3





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