November 11, 2017

I’ve been asked over instagram about the heel feet jointing, so I took a quick photo of the type of feet I made to date for the New Menagerie type girl. Please excuse the partial painting on the feet, I made no preparation for this photo). Usually my heeled feet are one part and the heel is already sculpted in the design, but In my mind I always saw the heel having the filigree joint I often had in my porcelain dolls, so I decided to add a joint cut for it in the newer feet. The additional benefit is that it also allows me to make more heel types, and those can be added or removed from the base foot. I’m now considering making only two type of feet, the jointed Natural foot and the jointed Ballerina foot. Unless there are people that rather clean non jointed feet, the most practical feet would be having only the jointed ones since they will fit both nude heels and shoes. Technically it would also be possible to add the nude heels on a natural non cut foot with a clip on, but I like the romantics of the real ball jointing <3  

色々なヒールタイプの足を製作中です! 下記の写真を御覧下さい。 今後も色々なタイプを制作し発表しますので、お楽しみに❗️





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