October 11, 2017

I`m very sorry for the lack of updates recently,
I have broke my shoulder a couple of month ago – my left one, being right handed I can still work, but everything is just slower.
Also I cannot take photos of the dolls as I need both my arms to pose and balance the dolls which is quite frustrating, especially considering that I have many new pieces just waiting here to be introduced.
I am getting better though now, and this is the first week I`m back in my studio since the accident,
and though posing the dolls and work is still slow, my husband is helping me so we can get photos of the new doll parts and accessories online and available in the catalog section soon – so do stay tuned 😀

The first pieces we photographed were some `new` ballerina point feet (which I photographed in shoes before, but never bare) and new  Jointed `all-purpose` feet.
The all-purpose feet are really a bit of a breakthrough, as it saves the headache of changing feet between shoe types – I hope that at least 9o% of shoes I`m making will fit them – and I`m planning many types 😉
BTW, both the Ballerina and the jointed foot can have an option heel replacement for inserting the iconic Menagerie `nude heels`.





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