June 22, 2014

I`m sorry to keep everyone waiting, and for not being able to updated the shop and start the new orders yet.

I haven`t been in perfect health in the last weeks, and was doing my best to keep up with the already existing doll orders.

As a result, there will be almost no delay in the doll orders, so most dolls planned to ship this month will ship on time (in a case of one or two special orders that might take longer, I will contact you directly to let you know when the order will be shipped).

So if you are not contacted you can expect your doll to ship by the end of next week.


Regarding the new orders, they are delayed but not canceled.

As I have already hinted on Facebook and twitter, I will be accepting orders for `Faberge`, in both porcelain and very special high quality Cast reproductions.

The sample has taken a little longer then I expected, however should be ready somewhere next month so please look forwards to the order, it will be announced on this blog as soon as I have the final photos 🙂




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