Pink Dentelle Reservation Order (December 2013 – January 2014)

〓 本日12/8(日)より AE Dentelle の予約注文受付 と ニューパーツの注文受付を開始致します。 日本語での予約注文受付は下にスクロールして御覧下さい。 〓


This is a Reservation order for `Pink Dentelle`  (Limited 50)  – Inspired by my Porcelain doll `Dentelle in Pink`


Pink Dentelle with Milk faceplate & hand made Pink Braided wig (includes the Rocaille Corset, and heel feet)

pink dentelle

Pink Dentelle (Milk Faceplate + Hand made pink braided wig)
Pink Dentelle


Natural White Mohair bob curl wig  (shown with `Milk` Faceplate)

Rose Dentelle


Filigree Corset for AE Dentelle OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Faces available for `Pink Dentelle` are [Dentelle], [Ilai], [Classic Noi], [Milk], [Una].





Classic Noi

Classic Noi




Some words about production

After the order period for New Dentelle had ended, I received many questions as to whether there would be another `New Dentelle` order.

Well, when I started with taking orders for New Dentelle,  timing production schedule was proving very difficult to foresee.

There were many technicalities involved in casting her detailed body, and finding a good reliable way to cast her was not easy. Rapid wear and tear to the molds due the the complexity of the parts, also forced us to limit orders.


We now hand cast all dolls here in Japan. We use a Natural white shade of resin, that is produced especially for Dentelle dolls,

This particular shade, reminiscent cotton Lace, but also warm enough to feel like body, it is the perfect shade in my eyes for her.

We limited our orders to this specific resin only, for all lace dolls, also since it is the only resin that will allow us to make good reproductions of the filigree parts, in good reliable timing.

So given our new working conditions I feel confident to proceed with a new order for AE Dentelle.



Pink Dentelle is limited to 50 pieces, all signed and numbered.

We are accepting orders until January 30th 2014, unless sold out before.


*Dolls will be numbered and shipped in order of purchase (completed payment), during April 2014.



Doll dementions;

38cm tall

Eye size 8-7mm

shoe size 3.2cm

Wig size 5-6″



Reservations are open until January 30th 2014, unless sold out before.

Free shipping on orders paid in one full payment.

Layaway/ Payment plan is possible (shipping will be charged).

*Please make reservation via Email ( or )

Please state your country for shipping information, and we will send a payment plan to your Email.

Payment is via Pay Pal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.



Pink Dentelle Shipping period : April 2014

**Dolls will ship in order of purchase (completed payment).


Body Consrtuction

Pink Dentelle consists of the same body construction as New Dentelle.

Her body is perfectly balanced, easy to pose standing upright.

Joints are designed and perfected, for a maximum posing range as well as maximum stability.

Joints are lined with PVC for keeping  poses steady (reducing sliding out of position).

Feet are attached via magnetic system, no assembly skills needed for switching between heel and flat feet.







〓 本日12/8(日)より『Pink Dentelle』の予約注文受付と「ニューパーツ」 の注文を開始致しました。詳細は下記を御覧下さい。





pink dentelle




高さ 38cm

アイサイズ 8-7mm

足サイズ 3.2cm

ウィッグサイズ 5-6″


★『Pink Dentelle』(ヒール足/普通足/硝子目)付※色付け無し)  ¥84,000-(税込) 《限定50体》


『Dentelle』タイプ   ②『ClassicNoi』タイプ ③『Ilai』タイプ ④『Milk』タイプ ⑤『Una』タイプ



★『Pink Dentelle』[未組立キット](ドール本体パーツ一式/ヒール足/硝子目/テンションゴム/メタルピン/フック/マグネット/ゴム通し用針金/組立説明書)付 ※未塗装・ヤスリがけ無し[パーティングライン有]) ¥47,250-(税込)


注:『Pink Dentelle』のパーツは細かいので、キャストドールの組立経験の無い方には、お薦め出来ません。



★「ニューパーツ」 ※在庫が無くなり次第終了

.Rocaille Corset

Filigree Corset for AE Dentelle

.Rocaille Heel Feet



☆送料に付きましては『Pink Dentelle』は¥1,000-「ニューパーツ」は¥700- になります。(日本国内のみ)

☆『Pink  Dentelle』の予約注文受付は本日より2014年1月末日までになります。50体限定ですので、数量に達した時点での締切とさせて頂きます。

※予約販売の為、SHOPではまだ販売しておりませんので、予約注文を頂く場合は、SHOPメールアドレス / 」にて直接御連絡頂ければ、折り返し御連絡させて頂きます。







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