AE Dentelle parts & accessories

(from marmite-sue`s blog)

One of the projects I`ve been working on lately, is designing accessories and

new parts for Angel Egg dolls.


(test for AE doll corset)


(test for AE doll feet)

I hope to have different designs for heel feet, some inspired by one of a kind feet I`ve made for my porcelain girls, such as for `Little Dragon` `Jewel` or `Coco` , as well as other ideas I have, but not yet tried , and that should be fun.

Both designed high heel and flat feet connect to the ankle joint with the same simple magnet system (so no re-stinging work needed), changing feet is as simple as changing a pair of shoes.

Other projects also include spacial design corset/stomach parts that can be refitted into the base body of the original doll, and changed at will.  These parts will require some basic re-stringing skills (there is no way to avoid it that I can think of ), but should not be too complex, especially with the resin dolls.

Edit:  I`ve been testing casting some of my porcelain corset parts in resin, without much success for some time now – however I could finally cast this one shown in the photo which has a cleaner more geometric shape them most of my porcelain work.
I is crazy work making the casting, but I think is`s worth the results 😀

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