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Pre-orders next weekend!

I`m sorry to keep everyone waiting, but finally after some last minute re-arrangements and additions, the pre-order is ready, and will take place the coming weekend 15/06 (Sat) until the 16/06 (Sun).

I`ve already updated the basic details for the girl body and faces at the shop, and will update the boy details later tonight – to be honest I`m SUPER excited about this order, as both bodies have been entirely reworked, after a breakthrough with engendering the efficiency of the hip joint – this renovation boosts both the stability and the movement range even further. I` m personally looking forwards to both of the new bodies to be cast. I have a feeling that I`ll find it difficult to improve on these –  and I` m expecting they will be the standard Menagerie bodies for a while 😀

So mark the dates; 15/06 (Sat) until the 16/06 (Sun)

I`ll send an email to the mailing list on Friday (14th) to remind about the order, so if you don` t want to miss it you can sign up to our mailing list 🙂

See you soon!!!

May 3, 2018

Pre-orders for Venus at the beginning of June 2018 (next month) — please look forwards <3

A new Resin Doll Reservation Order May 2017

36cm tall Dentelle body

In face of many requests for a new resin doll reservation order, I have decided to bring to you a beautiful new girl, with a completely new sculpt

and jointing system of my invention.

One that has the classic look of a beautiful round (slit-less) and naturalistic jointing system , and yet also allows for a full range of posing movement,

featuring a double jointed shoulder, arm, knee and thigh.

We will be producing her in a beautiful translucent white resin with a velvety finish.

Order details will be sent via email this week to all people registered on the mailing list only,

If you have yet to register and would like to keep updated as to reservation details, you are welcome to follow this link and register your details with us


Please see the sculpts below, one with a Natural body (36 cm tall), the other is Dentelle (with a lace type body – 37 cm tall)

both have the Butterfly face.

35cm tall Natural body

35cm tall Natural body

35cm tall Natural body

36cm tall Dentelle body
36cm tall Dentelle body


36cm tall Dentelle body

36cm tall Dentelle body

36cm tall Dentelle body








October 13, 2013

Classic Noi faceplate with the `carousel` total look

Noi Face Carousel


Dentelle facelate with a `Naural` Faceup

Natural faceup for Dentelle

Carousel `Total Look` for New Dentelle / 新しいボディメイクのオプション





`Carousel` Faceup shown on `Dentelle` faceplate


I`ve been thinking about a special `Total Look` option to be offered to all people waiting for their AE Dentelles for some time now,
and finally had the time to put it together today.

It`s much more detailed then the other options I`ve shown until now for this order, so it will take me a little longer to paint, but I really wanted to offer one slightly more `Artistic` option, inspired by the dolls I made for the exhibition in March..

So though there will be a slightly longer wait, this painting option will be offered at no extra cost to people who ordered the `Total Look` 🙂


BTW, the `Total Look` refers to the body coloring scheme and detailing only.
For the first photo shown, I`ve coupled it with the gold shoes as they looked so great together, and then thought about trying it out with a  `Merry Go round` crown,  and well of course I loved it together 😀


 The clean `Carousel` Look :

final reservation order for the `NEW DENTELLE`

〓 本日7/7(日)より2タイプのAEドールの予約注文の受付 を開始致します。 日本語での予約注文受付は下にスクロールして御覧下さい。 〓

We are now opening the second and final reservation order for Angel Egg doll `New Dentelle` .

New Dentelle


`New Dentelle` is a 50 piece limited edition cast in beautiful Milky White AEResin, each doll signed and numbered.

The first half of this edition was reserved in February;

This order is for pieces number 24-50, and will end on August  31st unless sold out before.

Ilai / New Dentelle


Faces available for this order are  [Dentelle], [Ilai], [Classic Noi];






Classic Noi


Classic Noi


Doll dementions;

38cm tall

Eye size 8-7mm

shoe size 3.2cm

Wig size 5-6″


New AE Dentelle ( high heel feet + flat feet + Mohair wig+ ribbons + glass eyes + Joint lining )

Blank  $950,

faceup + $150.

*Total look (body blush + faceup + Ribbon lacing) + $250

 Total Look options:




Reservations for `New Dentelle`  are open until August  31st unless sold out before.

* Please make reservation via Email ( or ) Until I have time to update the shop.

For placing a reservation, please state your country for shipping information, so we can calculate shipping fees, and we will send you an invoice to your Email.

Layaway/ Payment plan is possible.

Payment is via Pay Pal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

Dolls on this order will ship during December 2013 – January 2014

*The first 7-10 orders will ship in time for Christmas.*


=============Scrawl down for the full picture gallery=============

〓 本日7/7(日)より2タイプのAEドールの予約注文の受付 を開始致しました。詳細は下記を御覧下さい。 〓

★New AE Dentelle (ヒール足/普通足/モヘアウィッグ【白】/硝子目)付※色付け無し ¥89,250-(税込) 《50体限定》

★Natural Body(モヘアウィッグ/硝子目)付※色付け無し ¥44,100-(税込)

※顔のオプションはNew AE Dentelle ,Natural Body 共に次の3タイプから御選び下さい。

①『Dentelle』タイプ ②『ClassicNoi』タイプ ③『Ilai』タイプ






・靴 ¥4,725-(税込)

・AE Doll スタンド ¥5,250-(税込)


☆予約注文受付は本日より8月末日までです。New AE Dentelle に関しましては、50体限定ですので、数量に達した時点での締切とさせて頂きます。

※予約販売の為、SHOPではまだ販売しておりませんので、予約注文を頂く場合は、SHOPメールアドレス「 / 」にて直接御連絡頂ければ、折り返し御連絡させて頂きます。





Resin Menagerie Online shop is now open!

Though the store is now live, I`m here if there is any question, you can mail and I will get back to you ASAP.

Also I`m on messenger now;, so you can add me, I will walk you though if there is something about the ordering process you are not sure of.

* * *

You will see that in the shop the ordering process is divided a little different then with the way I received orders by email until now;

1. Ordering faceplates and bodies is separate (please do not order more then one extra faceplate at this time, as stock is very limited.)

2. we are not receiving body blush orders at this time (I will not be able to send the dolls in reasonable time to you otherwise) – I hope for your understanding.

3 . It is possible to order a faceup option when ordering faceplates, (you can send me your faceup preference in the comments area available during checkout,

or directly by mail as always)   Edit: faceup orders are now fully booked, we will not be able to receive face up orders either at this time, thank you!

That`s most of it I think,

if there is still information you would like me to add to any of the product descriptions,

I`ll do my best to provide you with it as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can still contact me directly as always with your order, and I will be able to send you a Request payment invoice via mail too.

Thank you!