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The waite is almost over

Alice Eggs are all shipping in turn starting this month.

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Alice Eggs1

Alice Eggs 2

Alice Eggs


July 7, 2016

Update regarding Moonglass orders 2015~2016

Painting Moonglass

Moonglass Una & Lan
Moonglass Una & Lan

Just finishing the last fused glass painted layers for the September order Moonglass dolls, and having so much fun. Moonglass absorbs the light so beautifully, and looks so life like, that I sometimes think these girsl are alive and looking back at me as I`m painting them. Can`t wait to see them stringed!

June 6, 2015


June 5, 2015




June 2015 Catalog

Alice Egg in Shell order for June 2016 is now closed, thank you for your orders!
Still accepting a few last orders for Alice Egg in Moonglass.

Order update:
I`ve sent everyone a Newsletter just a little earlier,

If you did not receive it for any reason, please feel fee to write in, and I`ll resend it to you. The mail includes the June 2015 order catalog below, as well as a special introductory price list.

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Moonglass orders and Alice

The gallery below is that of Alice Egg (Dentelle type).


She is 35cm tall and cast in Moonglass, (a beautiful, non shattering ceramic material).

I`ve been quiet again of late, as I was making one last but very important touch at developing the new moonglass line – all dolls will now be the very same size as the resin dolls that were produced between 2013-2015!

This means that all Moonglass parts and accessories I have been planning for the Moonglass line will also now fit the previous resin dolls – so the Rocaille corset and shoes, also the Merry-go-round crown and so on, are all available to order now – in MOONGLASS,, and will fit all Angel Egg dolls in any material.  Now that this is covered, I`m working on many projects that include more design pieces, accessories, etc for this line, the first of which will be in and  available to order still within this year. I`ll be publishing photos in the next few months as each piece becomes available.

I`m now officially accepting orders in for all doll types, cast Moonglass at special introductory prices available until the end on next month, only. Introductory, because I want as many people to have the opportunity to touch and feel this beautiful material. But please be patient as there is a long waiting period already.

I`m going to send a news letter this weekend to all people on the mailing list with introduction and pricing for the Moonglass line – so if you are not on the mailing list, register now.

For orders or any further questions, please email me directly.

Moonglass is HERE! / 新素材(ムーン硝子)DOLLの予約注文受付について



※ 日本語での御案内は英語の御案内の後に記載されております。

It`s been a long wait, longer than I was also expecting – I have been so busy over the last few months, putting together a work method for my new non-shattering ceramic material, Moonglass.

Everything is new, I had to rearrange my work space, and also do much testing, so I can predict my work-pace with it. But now I`m so excited to announce, I`ll finally be able to accept orders for it from now on - so to everyone on the Moonglass waiting list: look forwards to the first order information via e-mail from me – VERY SOON!

About moonglass: It`s a completely new ceramic my father and I have invented.

It is similar to porcelain in look and feel, but has a big plus of it being a resilient, non-shattering ceramic, and also it can show higher degrees of translucency. Read the whole story.

Some Moonglass traits:

High casting detail, Cold and heavy to the touch, Can be cast as thin as porcelain, High translucency, Shatter resilient, Tough as stone, Non toxic (but not a children`s toy, these are collectible dolls), Green to the environment, Ceramic.

>Moonglass waiting list<