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November 30, 2017


A New Posing Body for Menagerie Resin doll line <3

`m so excited to present my new Posing body, and will be photographing and posting more photos over the course of the coming week, so please look forwards :)


orchid_albino_3S orchid_albino_pose2_sOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





Posing with jointed hands



November 22, 2017





I will be sending out a mail to all people on both the Natural and the Dentelle doll pre-orders this week, with updates regarding shipping and some news.

Please look out for that <3








November 18, 2017


Tiny Ball Jointed hands and heel feet for doll Menagerie





November 11, 2017

I’ve been asked over instagram about the heel feet jointing, so I took a quick photo of the type of feet I made to date for the New Menagerie type girl. Please excuse the partial painting on the feet, I made no preparation for this photo). Usually my heeled feet are one part and the heel is already sculpted in the design, but In my mind I always saw the heel having the filigree joint I often had in my porcelain dolls, so I decided to add a joint cut for it in the newer feet. The additional benefit is that it also allows me to make more heel types, and those can be added or removed from the base foot. I’m now considering making only two type of feet, the jointed Natural foot and the jointed Ballerina foot. Unless there are people that rather clean non jointed feet, the most practical feet would be having only the jointed ones since they will fit both nude heels and shoes. Technically it would also be possible to add the nude heels on a natural non cut foot with a clip on, but I like the romantics of the real ball jointing <3  

色々なヒールタイプの足を製作中です! 下記の写真を御覧下さい。 今後も色々なタイプを制作し発表しますので、お楽しみに❗️





October 16, 2017

Some work in progress photos of  new girls <3

face: `Porcelain`




Face: `Orchid`




And also some new Ballerina Shoes :)



October 11, 2017

I`m very sorry for the lack of updates recently,
I have broke my shoulder a couple of month ago – my left one, being right handed I can still work, but everything is just slower.
Also I cannot take photos of the dolls as I need both my arms to pose and balance the dolls which is quite frustrating, especially considering that I have many new pieces just waiting here to be introduced.
I am getting better though now, and this is the first week I`m back in my studio since the accident,
and though posing the dolls and work is still slow, my husband is helping me so we can get photos of the new doll parts and accessories online and available in the catalog section soon – so do stay tuned :D

The first pieces we photographed were some `new` ballerina point feet (which I photographed in shoes before, but never bare) and new  Jointed `all-purpose` feet.
The all-purpose feet are really a bit of a breakthrough, as it saves the headache of changing feet between shoe types – I hope that at least 9o% of shoes I`m making will fit them – and I`m planning many types ;)
BTW, both the Ballerina and the jointed foot can have an option heel replacement for inserting the iconic Menagerie `nude heels`.





August 2017 Pre-order info-mail has been sent out to the mailing list

If you have not received it, please check your spam mail <3
Pre-order info and pricing is only available to the mailing list, if you were`t on in, but woulds still like to receive the info,
please register below, and then send us an email titled “Pre-order info request” until the end of this week, and we will resend you the info :)




Reservation order August 2017

Two new faces, as well as several more new accessories are now joining the Resin Menagerie Line starting this month.

The First is`Porcelain` the latter `Orchid`, which together with `Butterfly` (previously introduced in May) makes for three face option for the new Resin Menagerie base doll.

The Catalog section on siteis in the process of being updated with the new photographs and new part information, this should take a couple of days so please be sure to drop in and check it out once ready    ( I know there have been little to no updates for ages, As I was busy with the Moonglass doll orders, but Now I`v decided to shift focus to the Resin doll line, and I have some very big planes for it).

Regarding the Pre-order for this month:

This pre- order will include the Natural Body with the 3 face options, perhaps one or two of ornamental body pieces that will fit this body, and several accessories I plan to introduce below.

For those already on the Pre-order list from May, all face options and accessories will fit your girl that is now being cast, so you are very welcome to take a look.

BTW, pre-order details will be available to people on the Menagerie Mailing list Only, so if you haven`t registered to our list yet, you can do so now :)


I plan to send out the mail within the week, so please look out for it <3


And now, please allow me to introduce three of the faces in this lineup

(more photos will be available in the catalog in a couple of days):









The `Natural` Body




Resin Reservation Order information has been mailed out to all subscribers :)

We`ve just sent out the Resin Reservation Order information via email to the mailing list – so if you are on it – please check to see that you could receive the mail, I know some mailing programs like depositing such newsletters in the spam folder, so please check for it there if it does not seem to arrive…

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