Extra faces

I have advertised in the newsletter, last weekend , that I will offer extra floating faces at my shop this weekend,

however after the pre-order, and people requesting via email, only very few faces remained… so there is not much use in opening an order at the shop.

So if you wish a particular face to buy without a body you are welcome to write to me *the sooner the better – either I have it, and reserve it for you, or if there are many requests I will make a small head only order from casting . let me know <3



September 7, 2019

Shop Updated and now accepting pre-orders~!

…Lithe we are online!

(well, all but the measurement page –  that will be updated tomorrow🙏💕)

September 6, 2019

Shop re-open soon!

We are now updating our internet shop with the new generation doll info.
So for all the amazing people that reserved a doll on the first preorder, there will be all the information up from the samples, including blank sculpts, posing videos and and measurements. Thank you so much for your patience 🙏💕Should all be ready by this weekend. .
since there were requests for another preorder, I’ve increased our original order from casting, and we will also offer the extras at the shop this weekend. (
shipping for this second mini order will be in December.)
I’ll announce the official opening of the shop via the news letter, so for all that are interested, please look forwards 🙂


Dew <3

Lithe <3

Uma face

2nd Generation Samples are here!

This is a quick post to say I had to go out of town for couple of days, but I’m back now, so I should be able finish painting the sample faces , update the shop and answer emails I’ve been receiving in the next few days.
Answering a question I am asked often regarding accessories for the 1st Generation dolls: yes I will continue making and accepting orders for them, absolutely! For shoes, I recommend upgrading the feet- the new generation feet fit both the 1st gen bodies, and this way they will fit the new shoes too.
All the new faces (boy and girl) fit 1st Generation bodies as well, and we do accept floating face orders when possible . .
Also since people have been asking about a new order, I’m now thinking of putting together an extra mini batch order, for shipping around December. .
Now I’m off to finally finish painting these beauties 😍

Pre-orders open & Special news for returning customers !


We are celebrating this new Generation body with a special %5 discount for all our past customers🎉🎉🎉

a big big thank you hug for your continues support 💙


Email me for a voucher code 🙂


Pre-order details updated in shop, and measurement page up too!

Pre-order info is now in the shop, and I`ve also added a preview for what the final measurements of the next generations dolls will be compared to the older generation dolls. (BTW, since the dolls are still in prototype mode, I can only estimate the exact size relation, as there will be slight 1~2% shrinkage of the final dolls after casting them in the final resin)

Below is the promotion banner for the pre-order –  please look forwards, I know I am 😀



Pre-orders next weekend!

I`m sorry to keep everyone waiting, but finally after some last minute re-arrangements and additions, the pre-order is ready, and will take place the coming weekend 15/06 (Sat) until the 16/06 (Sun).

I`ve already updated the basic details for the girl body and faces at the shop, and will update the boy details later tonight – to be honest I`m SUPER excited about this order, as both bodies have been entirely reworked, after a breakthrough with engendering the efficiency of the hip joint – this renovation boosts both the stability and the movement range even further. I` m personally looking forwards to both of the new bodies to be cast. I have a feeling that I`ll find it difficult to improve on these –  and I` m expecting they will be the standard Menagerie bodies for a while 😀

So mark the dates; 15/06 (Sat) until the 16/06 (Sun)

I`ll send an email to the mailing list on Friday (14th) to remind about the order, so if you don` t want to miss it you can sign up to our mailing list 🙂

See you soon!!!